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whiteningTooth Whitening treatments are designed to whiten your own teeth without any artificial additions. There is a variety of ways dentists can whiten your teeth. We prefer to use a system which is applied at home. Plastic trays are custom-made by your dentist using models of your teeth the gels is then applied at home using safe-strength gels. Home treatment alone is the most popular and least expensive method.

Home whitening works very well in most cases, although the result depends on the initial level of staining of the teeth and the type of staining. It is less predictable on teeth that contain some specific discolouration such as those caused by tetracycline intake in childhood. Home whitening usually takes about two weeks, wearing trays for only an hour per day. Home whitening will not whiten fillings, and it may be necessary to have visible tooth-coloured fillings replaced with ones that more closely match the final tooth colour after whitening is completed.

Frequently asked questions

Can whitening damage my teeth?
In chair whitening at a dental clinic has been considered as one of the safest and quickest ways to effectively whiten your teeth. It does not damage the enamel as we are not removing any healthy tooth structure. All the whitening gel is doing is removing/reducing the stains and discolouration. However, be cautious of any over the counter products such as whitening strips, these can indeed damage your teeth and gums!
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