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Laser Dentistry Kind and Gentle, No Drills & No Needles, it minimises pain and expedites the recovery process as well.

What is laser dentistry?

If you’ve never heard of this innovative type of dental care, now is the time to learn. Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive option when you’re facing gum surgery & disease, cavity treatment, tooth decay or other oral issues. Find out more about our laser surgery options with one of our experienced dentist today. We utilize the advanced technology of dental lasers to perform leading-edge dentistry for our patients.

Benefits of laser dentistry

Lasers are one of the most precise, gentle, and minimally invasive tools for medicine and dentistry, using water and light rather than loud moving instruments.

Laser dentistry on soft tissues eliminates the need for stitches, minimises bleeding, and sterilises the area on-the-go to minimise the risk of infection. Without doubt, the greatest benefit of laser dentistry is the increased level of comfort our patients experience during treatments.

At Hocking dental Care Clinic, through using laser technology our dentists are also able to remove gum tissue without causing bleeding. The use of lasers for dental treatment is completely safe and highly effective; it really is the future of dental treatments. So stop avoiding the dentist and discover the advantages of laser dentistry today.

Our Laser Dentistry Treatment & Services

Hocking Dental Care in Perth can use laser dentistry techniques across a number of our cosmetic, preventative, and reparative oral treatments, including:

  1. Removal of decay
  2. Root canal
  3. Gum disease treatments
  4. Tooth whitening
  5. etc

Why Choose Hocking Dental Care?

At Hocking Dental Care, laser dentistry is included in the wide range of high-tech services. Using the latest technology available, we provide the highest quality of dental care throughout all procedures, so you can be assured that the best people, with the best equipment, will perform your laser dentistry.

To discover more about Laser Dentistry, or to book a consultation at our dental practice call us on (08) 9306 2755 today.

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