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At Hocking Dental Care we pride ourselves in providing a friendly and professional service, seeking to ensure that we provide our patients with a comforatble and relaxing dental experience.



Hocking Dental Care is a leading provider of professional dental care in Western Australia. Our highly trained and experienced team pride themselves on delivering a friendly service that puts your needs first. This includes setting up a comfortable and relaxing environment so that you can receive treatments and procedures without feeling stress or anxiety. After all, the quality of your experience is just as important to us as the results of our work. Visit our dentist near Beldon, Pearsall, Gnangara, Wanneroo, Craigie and Woodvale today to make use of our services.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

At Hocking Dental Care, we use the latest technologies and techniques to deliver the very best results for our patients. We also boast a team who possess up-to-date training and expertise, so you can rest assured that you and your teeth will be in good hands. Technologies that our dental clinic near Wanneroo uses include:

Digital Xray

Our dental x-rays are specially designed to assess your oral health. Our x-rays can produce high-quality images within seconds of being taken, saving time and reducing the amount of radiation your mouth is exposed to.

Digital OPG

A digital OPG provides panoramic or wide-view x-rays of your lower face, displaying your teeth on a single film. By showing the position and growth of all teeth, these can be used to determine whether you are suffering from any jaw problems.

Digital intraoral camera

IThese highly portable devices can easily spot issues such as broken teeth, which is important for patient education and case documentation.

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Whether you live in Beldon, Pearsall, Gnangara, Craigie, Woodvale or another surrounding suburb, Hocking Dental Care is the best choice when you require professional dental procedures, treatments and advice. Ensure that your teeth and gums are in the healthiest condition by choosing us for your dental needs. Contact our dental clinic near Wanneroo today for more information and assistance.

At Hocking Dental Care we pride ourselves in providing a friendly and professional service, seeking to ensure that we provide our patients with a comfortable and relaxing dental experience.

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Our Google Reviews

I had 3 appointments last month. Always has been very well welcomed by the ladies at the desk. I didn't feel like it was a "dental care factory", so it was good because dlgoing to the dentist makes me a bit nervous. Dr Prajkta was very much listening to my feeling and my needs, and made me very comfortable. I had an amazing experience with the nurse Doris too as it's the first time in my life i could have sleep at the dentist! She was also caring. I definitely recommend this dental care center.

Sotheavy Siep Avatar Sotheavy Siep
February 11, 2020

The Dentist was so good with my 5yo today that is especially scared of Dentists. They took the time to make her feel comfortable and explained everything so she knew what was going to happen. She went from refusing to go inside to actually sitting in the dentist chair and letting the Dentist look at her teeth. Thank you so much for making our trip to the dentist a pleasant experience!

Karen Minnett Avatar Karen Minnett
February 10, 2020

Our family has been going to hocking dental care for the last couple of years. We all are very satisfied with the dentists. We have a 6 month clean and check up for us and my 6 year old and 4 year old. Clean ups are not always fun with every dentist. So we found our experience pretty comfortable. The kids always walk out happy. The dentists are friendly and take effort to make kids as comfortable as possible.On most visits with pleasant surprises such as a good job sticker, a dental kids kit too. The facilities and ambience are also very good. On my today's visit, the dentist very patiently demonstrated to my 6 year old son on how to floss and he enjoyed learning. The most impressive customer service as they always give you timely reminders a couple of times before your visit and you will never miss an appointment with them

neha lakhiani Avatar neha lakhiani
February 8, 2020
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